Ramadan 4: You’re Gonna Get it Anyway

A large proportion of the human race, it is true, is obliged to work so hard in obtaining the necessaries that little energy is left over for the other purposes; but those whose livelihood is assured do not, on that account, cease to be active. Bertrand Russell.

It is human nature to wonder and stress about livelihood. However, in Ramadan, it deters one’s focus from blessed activities in the holy month which, ironically, may be more beneficial to one’s livelihood than we think. We are not advocating that one does not seek livelihood during Ramadan, but we are advocating that priority is given to enrichment of one’s life with Ramadan blessings and learnings even if it means we don’t get enough sleep, as it may change our lives in the year ahead.

We believe that this topic is complex because it is difficult to predict. How many times have we heard of those who couldn’t make ends meet one day become millionaires the next because of a small invention or small business? How many times have we heard of millionaires who overnight could not make ends meet? And by the way, you can NEVER tell.

Time and time again, I am told and it is proven, that livelihood is not within our or anybody else’s control. What is in our control is our ambition and how we seek our livelihood. I am sure scholars have more innovative and knowledgeable ways to explain this phenomenon but to the average person, I think the one key ingredient for livelihood is belief … belief that:

1) Livelihood is pre-ordained

2) One will not be poor

3) No one can change or stop our livelihood

4) What matters is how we get it and not how much we get

One’s ambition, motivation and focus together with hard work seeking god’s blessings and support in Ramadan, is a sure way to livelihood. Don’t worry, you’re gonna get it anyway!