Ramadan 3: Trying to Remember

I don’t know about you … but I feel the need to remember.

Today is the third of Ramadan and before we know it, the days of mercy (first 10 days of Ramadan) will be over. I find like many things in life,  change, like the start of Ramadan for example, makes us restless … I think I am there. Three days have passed and yes, no water or food in the day, food at sunset, some prayers and keeping busy in the evening, and … repeat. However, have I seen or felt mercy? Am I merciful? In other words, am I living the Ramadan spirit?

And so, I decided to try, with you, to remember … to remember that …

… each of the these days are not repeatable

… each good deed and each act of kindness is multiplied to levels unimaginable

… our compassion needs to reach as far as possible touching people all around us

… our dedication now dictates how much greater we can be in the last 10 days of Ramadan

… feeding our soul in this month is more important than serving our minds or stomachs

… social connectedness is important but spiritual growth is crucial

… others don’t have food or water and leave their children miles away, if not oceans away, to work for ‘survival’

we just need to remember that Ramadan must be in our homes, in our minds and more importantly, in our hearts saying loud and clear, this month is not to be taken lightly, this month is a month of joy, love, beauty, mercy, forgiveness and sheer enlightenment.