Ramadan 1: The Most Powerful Tool

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps us going is hope that what we want will come true … Sometimes, the only thing that will make our day is a call from that special someone … Sometimes, the only thing that makes us feel a bit better is shopping … Sometimes, the only thing we have when all is dark and we find no way out, is god.

I find Ramadan follows a similar suit. When we get all busy and we drift into thinking that life is forever … things are forever … our family is forever … our jobs and money are forever, Ramadan is the most powerful tool that shakes us out of a state of hypnosis that seems to be difficult to break.

Yes, our lives are finite and in fact, short. How many of us actually forget about this fact? Young or old, Ramadan is the thread that pulls us from a state of hypnosis to a state of self-awareness. So as we start this fasting month, I hope that I, along with you, can take a ‘time-out’ from life as much as possible by focusing on value added activities and thoughts that bring positivity, strength and well-being in our bodies and more importantly, in our hearts leading to open hearts and open minds as we connect with god every time we give charity, smile at someone, learn something new, break our fast, or even see our loved ones around us.